London International Shipping Week opens for business today (11 September)

As London International Shipping Week opens for business today (11 September), the government says it is working to double the size of the UK Ship Register from 16 to 30 million gross tonnage after Brexit.

Maritime Minister John Hayes will use LISW to start the drive for new business, and highlight the main benefits of flying the British flag including, including international tax breaks for vessels flying the Red Ensign, and British Consular support for ships in foreign docks.

Maritime Minister John Hayes commented: ‘In Britain’s post Brexit-future we will grow the Red Duster, forging new global relationships.

‘Our ship register has a special significance and our flag is of distinct quality.

‘Unfurling the Red Duster shows Britain’s maritime leadership to the world. Once again Britannia rules the waves and the UK will be a dominant maritime force.’

According to the Minister, the UK Ship Register grew by 11.5% between 2015 and 2017.

Source: Bunkerspot

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